Richmond Rink Ice Skating, Twickenham, London
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Ice Skating at Strawberry Hill House

Richmond Rink

In recent years temporary ice rinks as part of the winter festivities have become very popular. The Richmond Ice Rink in East Twickenham was known all over the world and was extremely popular. In 2013 Twickenham Alive brought a temporary Christmas and New Year rink to York House, the heart of the Council.

Following the very successful ice rink on the tennis courts at York House, it was decided to move the ice rink to the gardens of Horace Walpole’s Gothic house in nearby Strawberry Hill where Walpole wrote the first Gothic novel, the Castle of Otranto in 1764. As its backdrop the rink will have the newly restored Strawberry Hill House, a pure white and turreted Grade 1 listed building. A more spectacular spot would be very difficult to find.

Skating next to Strawberry Hill House will be a truly magical experience. From dusk the House will be lit from within highlighting its unique collection of renaissance stained glass windows.

The day to day operation of the rink will be managed by a professional Rink Manager, supported by experienced supervisors and rink staff.

The rink uses the latest technology and the aluminium based rinks are up to 40 percent more economical in terms of energy consumption than traditional ice rinks that use either rubber or polyethylene. This efficiency enables equipment to be turned down, or even off, at night.

Strawberry Hill is easy to get to as it has its own train station just a few minutes’ walk from the House and buses stop close by. It is only a short walk from Twickenham town centre and very close to Teddington.

Twickenham Alive’s Richmond Rink was a great community success last year opening. The rink staff were said to be the friendliest and most helpful staff ever encountered and the ice was second to none. On days when other rinks closed due to rain Twickenham Alive’s rink was the only rink open in the London area – the ice was so well maintained.

See a case study and video of last year's rink HERE